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History of menopause disease (in short)

The menopause disease explains a set of disorders which appear after the menopause.

This new concept (1) made continuation of the andropause disease described by Doctor Georges Debled since tens of years.

During this period which goes back to 1974 many women consulted for micturition's disorders. They were generally regarded as “hysterical” by doctors.

In psychoanalysis and history of psychology, hysteria is a neurosis touching women and men, in a varied clinical pictures, where psychical conflict is expressed by functional demonstrations (anesthesia, paralyses, blindness, spams) without internal injury, emotional crises with theatralism, and phobias (see wikipedia).

Organic pathologies of the female urethra (and of the male urethra) were ignored. Women and men presenting these micturition's disorders were consequently “hysterical' "by doctors.

It was however enough to study the complaints of these patients to show the normal and abnormal function of the posterior urethra according to data of endoscopy, urodynamic and anatomopathologic studies.

Endoscopic surgery of the sick posterior urethra made it possible to study the structure of the removed tissues which have each time shown a sclerosis to differing degree.

Since 1974 Doctor Georges Debled had shown that the anomalies of the posterior urethra in man (the prostate) could be caused by endocrinal disorders relating to the balance of the male hormones.

In fact it was the same in woman: the anomalies of the posterior urethra can be caused by endocrinal disorders relating to the balance of male hormones, mainly dihydrotestosterone.

These endocrinal anomalies are also responsible for the disorders associated with the andropause (andropause  disease) or the menopause (menopause disease) (1).

1. G. Debled G. . The menopause disease. Approaches to aging control : 19:17-24,October 2015

The menopause disease .pdf  Octobre 2015.    SEMAL Madrid