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Errors in menopause treatment


Aging diseases, menopause and androgens

Understanding diseases of aging: ageless woman

Intestinal distension.   

Irritability, nervous breakdown, cerebral involution, Alzheimer's disease.

Vasomotor disorders, puffs of heat,  inflated legs, vascular disorders, hypercoagulation, varixes, venous thromboses, increased cardiovascular risk.

Fatty diabetes, lipids  troubles, overweights and obesity.

Locomotor problems, rheumatism,

Bone density - osteoporosis - fractures  -  menopause

Muscular weakness, muscular atrophies . Pelvic muscles' atrophies and “descent of bladder”.

Breast cancer

The menopause disease .pdf  Octobre 2015.    SEMAL Madrid

G. Debled. The menopause disease. Approaches to aging control : 19:17-24,October 2015